I have originally put together this web site back in 1996 telling you a little about myself. Since then, it has outgrown so many "hosts" that it needed a final home as "Sky-Chaser"! This should be an easy name to remember for hurricane chasing, storm chasing, severe weather, extreme journalism, skydiving, photography, travel, computer graphics and video, computer programming, Web design, and much more! I am a computer programmer / analyst, writer, skydiver (USPA C30317), amateur photographer, extreme storm journalist, and computer artist. I enjoy flying and aerobatics, boating and jet skis, surfing, HAM radio, skydiving, and videography. I am also a volunteer SKYWARN storm spotter (FL B036 / 5257) for the National Weather Service as well as a licensed HAM radio operator (KG4PJN).

"Sky-Chaser" Consulting, as this site reflects from a business standpoint, mainly specializes in storm / hurricane chasing, and other documentation of extreme weather events for media, educational, charity / benefits, and public awareness goals. This site also contains my computer consulting services in PICK (Universe, Unidata, and similar Multivalue-DB oriented) programming for many major business requirements. The "Sky-Chaser" site also has lots of information about my other sports, hobbies, and lifestyles besides storm journalism and computer consulting. I feel you should enjoy or even be able to utilize some of the areas on this web site for anything from education to entertainment ... And be sure check back often, because it is updated on a continuous basis!

Chris Collura - Sky-Chaser Consulting - HAM KG4PJN - Skywarn FL B036 / 5257 - USPA C30317

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Since 1996! ... Last Major Site Update: Friday - March 9, 2018

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The storm chaser convention in 2018 took place from February 16th through the 18th in Denver, Colorado at the Hilton Doubletree off Quebec Street and just south of I-70. Thanks to the great efforts of Roger Hill and his group for organizing this great event every year! Click the image above or the link HERE to go right to the section for STORM CHASING EVENTS in 2018.


The New Year of 2018 is upon us! 2017 was a great year for storm and hurricane chasing and plans are in the works for 2018. I wish everyone a happy an safe holiday season and propsperous New Year of 2018.


Check out the latest DVD productions, as well as many others, plus high-reolution photos by visiting my special "offers" page for photography and video documentaries at the link HERE!

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All of my stock-video footage is also managed by my agents at Conus Communications. Please refer to CONUS first as they can be of much better help at providing any fulfillment of STOCK video requests (this does NOT include DVD productions offered on this site). For such STOCK footage requests, please contact Chris Bridson at CONUS. Their phone number is (651) 642-4576, or you can go to their official web site at the link WWW.CONUS.COM.

You can review all production videos, DVD's, documentaries, and stock video on my OFFERS page which can be viewed by clicking the link HERE. Please not that you can request STOCK video through me directly, or through the CONUS archive, which is much easier!

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This entire web site is the work of Christopher Collura (myself) and is intended for informative, entertainment, and educational purposes. The intent is to show the pure thrill and essence of natural phenomina, extreme sports, experiences, and many other unique things or events, many from viewer's perspective. Please click the link above to find out more information about myself, the author of this great web site.

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