This section includes storm chasing related picnics, parties, conventions, or other similar events that have taken place in the year of 2012. The 2012 National Storm Chaser Convention (also called "ChaserCon") in Denver, Colorado is in this section, as well as any other storm chasing / weather-themed events such as parties, picnics, HAM radio, training and such.

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Video Of Denver NSCC (ChaserCon) In 2012
NSCC Music Presentation For 2012 (Chases Until 2011)
Pre-ChaserCon Snowmobiling Tour In Feb 2012


The storm chaser convention in 2012 took place from February 17th through the 19th in Denver, Colorado at the Red Lion Hotel off Quebec Street and just south of I-70. Each year it keeps getting bigger and better (with over 350 people this year alone) thanks to the great efforts of Roger Hill, Tim Samaras, and Cory Hartman. The convention fees remain impeccably low each year while we have a fantastic agenda of speakers and presentations augmented by all the folks brought together by this amazing activity we call "Storm Chasing"! This year a special tribute was also given to fallen chaser Andy Gabrielson, who was tragically killed in a traffic accident by a drunk driver in Oklahoma just weeks before the convention.

Tim Samaras opening the convention on Saturday morning (Feb 18) with a tribute to Andy Gabrielson as well.
Brad Emel showing his "Mesodome" arrangement of GPS controlled camera tracking mounts and protective / robotic camera domes. He wrote software to focus on a "GPS" point (such as a storm location) a distance away from the chase vehicle, and always have the camera "aim" at that "point", regardless of vehicle position and attitude.
Roger Hill (left) and Tim Samaras (right) giving away a copy of the second edition of the "Storm Chasing Handbook" by Tim Vasquez.
The main convention ball-room with more than 350 storm chasers during the first day of the convention.
Doug Kiesling (left) at his position in the vendor area for "Chasers Edge". I helped with Doug and Brandon Clark for this event, with them selling gear, hats, and T-Shirts, and myself focusing on video sales.
This chaser has a "permanent mark" for his passion and hobby!
Video showing Andy Gabrielson during his tribute at the start of the convention. He was supposed to present at the convention, but was killed in Oklahoma by a drunk driver just two weeks before the convention. Cory Hartman filled in his place. Andy's parents were also present at the convention.
Image presented by Chris Novy on the loss of Andy Gabrielson and stressing the importance of reporting such drunk-driving and other senseless behavior immediately.
Chris Novy making a fantastic presentation about storm chasing safety and responsibility.
Funny image (presented by Chris Novy) clipped from a news reporter in hurricane Irene in late August 2011 in North Carolina not knowing WHAT "material" he was standing in!
Howard (Howie) Bluestein talking about new upgrades to the scientific radars we see out in the field each year.
Tim Marshall dressed up as Darth Vader while giving a great speech on storm shelters and their importance as a "Star (Storm) Wars" parody.
Map showing significant dangers of tornadoes and the importance of shelters with an image of the Rolling Stones singing "Gimme Shelter" to the lower left.
Image of a devastated home with only the in-ground storm shelter still intact.
Cliff Windham speaking for Barons Weather Works (Mobile Threatnet) and showing footage from the Huntsville tornado in Novermber 1989. He gave away one of his Mobile Threatnet packages as a grand door prize.
Roger Hill (left) and a represenative for Maximum Signal getting ready to raffle off a prize for a cell phone booster.
Brandon Ivey, storm chaser and support for Sean Casey and the TIV / IMAX project.
Presentation of the TIV (Tornado Intercept Vehicle) and its construction with IMAX film-maker Sean Casey speaking to the lower right.
Picture shown of Sean Casey and the TIV (Tornado Intercept Vehicle) with curious law enforcement. Sean mentioned they were pulled over 17 times during their first year out chasing in the TIV!
Sean Casey, inventor of the TIV, doing his presentation.
My video presentation playing on video night with a rather scant crowd due to it being shown late.
Jason Persoff, MD talking about the first responses and his role during the Joplin tornado in May 2011.
Cartoon by Jason Persoff (the "storm doctor").
One of the presentors for video night talking about their video.
This is a chart put up by Dr Greg Forbes with the Weather Channel showing how high debris is ejected into the atmosphere during strong tornadoes.
Richard Thompson talking about changes in weather patterns that affect storms year to year.
Dr Greg Forbes with the Weather Channel doing his speech with an image of the April 2011 Iowa tornadoes in the background.
Cory Hartman working on getting the streaming video out for most of the convention. He also filled in for Andy Gabrielson.
Carl Young (left) and Eric Treece (right) talking about piloting ships on the Great Lakes.
Doug Kiesling and Brandon Clark (right) at their position for "Chasers Edge".
Scott Peake at his position showing videos of the Joplin tornado in May 2011.
TIV inventor Sean Casey (left) being interviewed in the vendor area.
Tim Samaras running presentations for video night.
Main convention ball-room on banquet night.
Chuck Edwards (center) and chase friends in the main convention area on banquet night.
Carl Young, Jeff Pitrowski, and Tim Samaras talking about storms in front of the Baron Weather-Works position.
Paul Samaras and some pictures of the Tuscaloosa tornado in April 2011.
iMap vendor position.
One of many chase vehicles in a parking lot during lunch. If you look closely, a bumper sticker tributing Andy Gabrielson is just above and to the left of the license plate.


Instead of coming in late Friday (February 17th), some of us came in a day earlier on Thursday the 16th to wake up early Friday (before the Convention) and head over to "Good Times" Snow Mobiling and Dog Sledding Tours near Breckenridge, Colorado for an awesome three-hour guided snowmobiling tour. This is a MUST for anyone who loves winter sports and mountains, and a snow mobile tour with your storm chasing buddies is an awesome way to kick-off the Storm Chaser Convention! In the image above, shot at the Continental Divide's Georgia Pass at almost 12,000 feet elevation, from left to right we have Valerie and Brandon Ivey, Tony Laubach, Scott Hammel, Myself, Scott Bennett, Evan Bookbinder, and Doug Kiesling.

Wake up (6 AM) ... Evan Bookbinder, Doug Kiesling, and Scott Hammel at the Red Lion Hotel lobby before heading out to Breckenridge. We are waiting for some folks to get their butts out of bed and join us!
Tony Laubach still tired and lazy on the couch in the Red Lion Hotel lobby. Evan Bookbinder is standing to the right.
Here is the entrance to "Good Times" Snow Mobiling and Dog Sledding Tours near Breckenridge, Colorado on a cold winter morning.
This is a picture of myself (shot with a GoPro camera mounted on the snowmobile dashboard) entering the practice track.
Practice track at the Good Times snowmobiling facility.
Another snowmobile rounding the practice track. These are Polaris "Trail Master" snowmobiles.
Myself taking pictures on one of the stops along the snowmobile back-country trails.
Side looking view of an adjacent rider with the mountain valley back-drop.
This is a view looking forward while blazing down the narrow path at almost 60 MPH.
Another picture of myself atop the Georgia Pass at nearly 12,000 feet.
This is a Siberian Husky puppy being held by storm chaser Doug Kiesling after the tour at the lodge. Yes - It's REAL ... This dog will be pulling dog sleds in rugged outdoor wilderness in about a year!

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