This is an edited video clip with up-beat music of a snow mobiling tour I took with some great storm-chasing buddies near Breckenridge, Colorado the day before the National Storm Chaser Convention in Denver. The video was shot using a GoPro Hero HD camera mounted in various positions on the sled. The top of the mountain is Georgia Pass, at nearly 12,000 feet above sea level (surrounded by peaks near 14,000 feet). Special thanks to Good Times snow mobiling / dog sledding tours and the great staff there. The sleds are Polaris trail-masters, capable of about 60 MPH. The puppy at the end is a Siberian Husky that will be pulling sleds in about a year!

The video requires at least a DSL connection and the latest FLASH Media Plugin for best results. This video is hosted to and linked to the YOUTUBE site (you can visit them at Click on the "play" icon in the video above if it does not start automatically.

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