This is a video clip of some of a "too close for comfort" encounter with a strong F1 tornado along I-95 in Hollywood, Florida early in the morning of March 9, 1998. Headed south, and into the SW side of a small HP supercell storm developing ahead of a squall line, the so called "Bears Cage" is entered, where the rain and wind ceases. The next few seconds show the actual tornado, note it moving from left to right, to the ENE, at 45 MPH, as it flips over a large tractor trailer. The video was taken before sunrise and is rather poor quality. The truck driver of the semi was NOT injured in this incident. This video illustrates vividly why chasing storms at night is so dangerous, let alone core punching a supercell from the north.

The video requires at least a DSL connection and the latest FLASH Media Plugin for best results. This video is hosted to and linked to the YOUTUBE site (you can visit them at Click on the "play" icon in the video above if it does not start automatically.

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