This section includes storm chasing related picnics, parties, conventions, or other similar events that have taken place in the year of 2017. The 2017 National Storm Chaser Convention (also called "ChaserCon") in Denver, Colorado is in this section, as well as any other storm chasing / weather-themed events such as parties, picnics, HAM radio, training and such. There were NOT any events posted on this web site for 2016, in case you are wondering.

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NSCC Music Presentation For 2017 (Chases Until 2016)


The storm chaser convention in 2017 took place from February 17th through the 19th in Denver, Colorado at the Hilton Doubletree off Quebec Street and just south of I-70. This event was not attended in 2016 (as it was in Oklahoma City that year). This continues to be a great event each year, thanks to the great efforts of Roger Hill and his group!

View of Rocky Mountains and snow pack to the west when arriving at Denver International Airport on February 17, 2017.
Meteorologist Tony Laubach (left) and Branden Clark with Chasers-Edge (right) on February 17 at the ice-breaker / vendor night.
Roger Hill (convention organizer / Silver Lining chase Tours) and his photography booth at ChaserCon on February 17.
Tim Marshall (left) talking to Tim Vasquez (right) at his booth at ChaserCon on February 17.
Crowd at ChaserCon (good turn-out) on February 18.
DOW (Doppler on Wheels) truck parked in the parking lot on February 18 during break / lunch for all to see.
Myself standing in front of one of the "pods" (small weather stations) that can be placed near or in a tornado path to collect data (February 18).
Dr Josh Wurman (scientist) standing in front of the DOW truck and "pod" weather station on February 18.
Dr Jason Persoff doing his great speech on February 19 with humor and taking a selfie.
Senior meteorologist Dr Greg Forbes with the Weather Channel giving his speech on February 18.
One of many awesome graphics being showed for the May 24 (Dodge City, KS) tornado event in 2016 by Josh Wurman on February 18.
Doug Kiesling (Storm-Chasing Video / BNVN) talking to Eric Treece (right) during break on February 18.
Tim Marshall did a humerous and awesome presentation of the "unexpected" events of storm chasing on February 18. His theme was the Wizard of Oz and he's the Tinman!
Dr Bill Hark (left) talking to Skip Talbot (left) at his table for the Storm-Assist documentaries on February 17. If you have not seen these documentaries, get one - And it all goes to charity to help storm victims recover.
Tom Dolan talking in detail about the Chapman, Kansas (including Niles and Solomon) from May 25 in 2016 on a step-by step evolution of that supercell. This was on February 19 and his radar and analysis of that unique event was amazing.
Inside view of the DOW (Doppler on Wheels) radar truck and displays on February 18 in the parking lot.
Skywarn graphics and logos table at ChaserCon on February 18.
Camera dome and mounting systems / equipment at the Meso-Mount table at ChaserCon on February 18.
Sky and control tower with an upper-level disturnabce moving off the Rocky Mountains while depating Denver International Airport on February 19. This disturbance caused some severe weather in Texas and Oklahoma later that evening.

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