This section includes storm chasing related picnics, parties, conventions, or other similar events that have taken place in the year of 2014. The 2014 National Storm Chaser Convention (also called "ChaserCon") in Denver, Colorado is in this section, as well as any other storm chasing / weather-themed events such as parties, picnics, HAM radio, training and such.

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NSCC Music Presentation For 2014 (Chases Until 2013)


The storm chaser convention in 2014 took place from February 14th through the 16th in Denver, Colorado at the Hilton Doubletree south off Quebec Street (different location than the former Red Lion / Doubletree). There were nearly 500 people this year alone, in lieu of the tragic passing of Tim and Paul Samaras and Carl Young in the May 31, 2013 El Reno (Oklahoma) tornado, with a great memorial and remembrance for these fallen chasers. A special thanks to the great efforts of Roger Hill and Cory Hartman for continuing this great event!

Snow mobiling trip on February 14, on the day before the convention.
Myself snow mobiling near Breakenridge, CO on Feb 14, approaching Georgia pass.
Reverse snow angel at nearly 12,000' MSL - Snow mobiling near Breakenridge, CO on Feb 14 near Georgia pass.
Tim / Paul Samaras and Carl Young were with us for the whole 2014 convention!
One of a few error messages during Tim Marshalls presentation at the 2014 convention.
Dr Chuck Doswell speaks about chaser safety at the 2014 Chasercon.
David Hoadley - Speaking at 2014 Chasercon.
What a crowd - Nearly 500 storm chasers were at Chasercon 2014. Thanks for all who came!
Dr Persoff speaking on the last day of Chasercon 2014 (Feb 16).
Tim Samaras's wife K Samaras and Rocky Roscovich at 2014 Chasercon.
One of the honors and tributes to our fallen comrads were hundreds of these little hamburgers (sigh)...
Our group during the dinner banquet at 2014 Chasercon.
Jeff Piotrowski and his wife in their booth in the 2014 Chasercon vendor area.
Roger Hill and his wife at Chasercon 2014.
Doug Kiesling and Brandon Clark in their "chasers edge" vendor booth at 2014 Chasercon.
Many - Many storm chasers at 2014 Chasercon. We came a long way...
Tim Marshall giving his 2014 themed speech dressed as a "car salesman" (oops, I meant shark)! Theme for Sharknado!
One of the many wonderful presentations for Chasercon 2014. El Reno (May 31) tornado track analysis. Job well done!


The yearly hurricane chasing get together in early March 2014. Thanks to Jim Leonard for making this a great get together year after year. He's been nothing but an awesome inspiration in many ways to our hurricane chasing careers! This was the last get-together at his place before his death in November 2014 due to cancer.

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