This section includes storm chasing related picnics, parties, conventions, or other similar events that have taken place in the year of 2013. The 2013 National Storm Chaser Convention (also called "ChaserCon") in Denver, Colorado is in this section, as well as any other storm chasing / weather-themed events such as parties, picnics, HAM radio, training and such.

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NSCC Music Presentation For 2013 (Chases Until 2012)


The storm chaser convention in 2013 took place from February 15th through the 17th in Denver, Colorado at the Red Lion Hotel (now Hilton Doubletree) off Quebec Street and just south of I-70. Each year it keeps getting bigger and better (with nearly 400 people this year alone) thanks to the great efforts of Roger Hill, Tim Samaras, and Cory Hartman. The convention fees remain impeccably low each year while we have a fantastic agenda of speakers and presentations augmented by all the folks brought together by this amazing activity we call "Storm Chasing"!

Banner on display at the Doubletree (formerly Red Lion) Hotel ball room for the 15th annual Storm Chaser Conference (ChaserCon). The event was from February 15-17, 2013.
Retired rescue dog that one folk had in the vendor area and throughout the convention, not serving as a seeing eye dog. Taken in the vendor area on February 15.
From left to right: Myself, Brandon Clark, and Doug Kiesling for the Chaser's Edge vendor area on February 15.
This chaser in the vending area had some awesome storm / landscape photography shots on display on February 15.
Carl Young, Paul Samaras, and folks chatting in front of the Baron WX booth in the vendor area on February 15.
Carl Young and Doug Kiesling chatting in the vendor area on February 15.
Tim Samaras, to the right, chatting in the vendor area on February 15.
One of the Doppler on Wheels (DOW) vehicles parked in the convention / hotel parking lot during lunch break on February 16.
This is a picture of engineer / scientist Tim Samaras standing in front of his ultra high-speed lightning camera that is housed in a support vehicle (small truck).
Another view of the ultra high-speed camera, with Tim Samaras in the foreground (to the right). This camera is a digital conversion of a high speed camera that was previously used to film extremely high speed events (such as early firballs of nuclear explosions). The film has been replaced with a proprietary digital video format (11 Megapixels per frame) and runs to almost a MILLION frames per second! Tim intends to use this to film minute details of lightning over extremely short time-frames. The camera is supported by electronics, computers, and has a mirror shutter spun by a turbine powered by compressed helium. A mirror "turret" on the top of the vehicle allows the images to reach the objective lense of the camera.
Roger Hill (left) and Tim Samaras (right) calling out a raffle ticket during the evening of on February 16.
Tim Marshall, dressed as "spock" from Star Trek, giving his speech about storm warnings.
Jeff Piotrowski talking about his experience in the Joplin, MO tornado disaster on May 22, 2013 during the presentations on February 16.
Jon Davies giving his speech on forecasting topics on February 16.
Dr Josh Wurman speaking about dual-polarization and other radar operations (such as hurricane chasing and even lake effect snow) on February 16.
Dr Greg Forbes from the Weather Channel giving his speech on severe weather, including the recent tornado in Adairsville, GA from earlier in 2013 during the day on February 16.
February 16 was the banquet dinner and video presentation night (Saturday). Here is Doug Kiesling (center) smiling for the camera at our table.
Here are the folks from Storm Assist. They are making donations for most of their sales to help victims of storms.
Robert Glancy offering basic and advanced spotter training during the last of the convention on February 17.


Here is a picture from a small get-together at Tim Millar's home in Hollywood, Florida in mid February 2013. From left to right is Michael Laca, George Kouranis, and Tim Millar. George was down in South Florida for a television production from Canada and him and Mike Laca and myself were invited to Tim's place for dinner (thanks guys!) ... George is a notable storm chaser and adventurer from Toronto and is famous for the "Angry Planet" Canadian series. All the people here chase hurricanes.
Jim Leonard, far right, and friends at his place in Boyntom Beach in late March 2013 during the hurricane chaser picnic and barbaque.
Here is a picture from a party at a restuarant in Fort Lauderdale in July 2013. From left to right is Tim Millar, Michael Laca, and Scott McPartland. Among these people here who chase hurricanes, Mike Theiss, Jim Leonard, and Jack Beven (NHC) were also present at this dinner party.

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