This section includes storm chasing related picnics, parties, conventions, or other similar events that have taken place in the year of 2011. The 2011 National Storm Chaser Convention (also called "ChaserCon") in Denver, Colorado is in this section, as well as any other storm chasing / weather-themed events such as parties, picnics, HAM radio, training and such.

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Video Of Denver NSCC (ChaserCon) In 2011
NSCC Music Presentation For 2011 (Chases Until 2010)


Above is a panoramic composite of four images of the National Storm Chaser Convention (NSCC) in Denver, Colorado (called "ChaserCon") in February 2010. ChaserCon (or the NSCC) has been a bigger and better event as the years go by. This year, the event was from February 18th through the 20th, and well over 300 storm chasers attended this event.

Here is the welcome message in the Red Lion hotel lobby for the 13th annual storm chaser convention (ChaserCon / NSCC). I originally started going to ChaserCon (years ago it was just called the "National Storm Chaser Convention") back in 2002 (4th annual). Back in those days, the turnout was around 50 chasers or so, and used only one "partition" of the conference ballroom (out of three). It was also at other venues, including the smaller airport Holiday Inn. Wow, how times have changed.
Here is the registration and ice-breaker on Friday, February 18.
With the convention officially started on February 19, a huge mass of storm chasers awaits opening of the doors to the Aspen Ballroom at the Red Lion!
Here is a picture of the Aspen Ballroom with the convention underway on February 19. Over 300 storm chasers attended this event, NOT including those watching the on-line streams of the convention available via subscription.
This is Reed Timmer on February 19 with the "Tornado Videos" (TVN) group talking about field operations done in his "Dominator" vehicle and data collected in 2010 as well as plans for 2011. Reed is a very agressive storm chaser, and famous on the "Storm Chasers" show on the Discovery Channel. Behind him on the screen is some radar data collected in Minnesota from inside a violent tornado in June 2010, showing impressive vertical velocities. These are just a few of Reed's great work in the field.
Here is Tim Marshall giving an excellent presentation on February 19, starting with weather on other planets. He talks about the weather on Mars, with dust devils larger than tornadoes on Earth, despite there being so little air pressure there. He made a fantastic entrance, dressed as an astronaut and parodying the 2010 "chase odyssey" with 2010's chases a big highlight in his presentation.
On February 20, a bunch of experts offer to answer any questions. Much talk was about major cuts to the National Weather Service and many of their operations. Dr Greg Forbes with the Weather Channel is to the far left.
Here is the vendor area of the convention on February 18. The "Find The Tornado" group is ran by Andy Gabrielson (center) and he is next to the "Severe Studios" group in the foreground. Andy Gabrielson just turned 26, and last year (2010) intercepted an astonishing 81 tornadoes - Probably the highest intercept rate of any other chaser!
These folks, also storm chasers, designed a pretty impressive robotic camera system that mounts to the top of any vehicle. The hardware and software work together with GPS and a laptop computer to control a camera mount system to that once you point to an area, the camera stays on that area regardless of how much the vehicle moves. The system is a prototype and designed to work with any digital video camcorder with only a USB link to the computer inside the vehicle.
Here is chaser Brandon Clark selling merchandise (including t-shirts) for "Anything Weather". He did a great job and was able to sell a lot of great merchandise.
Dave Hoadley (center) and his daughter (left) talk to Rocky Roscovich (right). Dave is a true veteran chaser, and pretty much the second storm chaser ever (behind the first Roger Jensen). I remember Dave's daughter as a small young girl chasing with Dave on a Nova special way back in 1985, long before I was even chasing myself. Dave Hoadley is also a fantastic artist, noted for many serious diagrams and funny cartoons regarding severe weather. Imagine storm chasing back in the 1970's when the word "Internet" did not even exist?
Here is Reed Timmer's chase partner Joel Taylor signing autographed books for "Tornado Videos" at the convention Vendor area. Both Reed and Joel had made impressive contributions to science on tornadoes and severe weather. Both were featured on Discovery's "Storm Chasers" series. The TVN group intercepted about 70 tornadoes in 2010.
Here is a picture of scientist / storm chaser Tim Samaras holding a can of "storm chasers"! Photo taken by chase associate Doug Kiesling.
Andy Gabrielson (with "Find The Tornado"), after intercepting 81 tornadoes in 2011 at age 25, has both the bragging rights and spirit to celebrate his 26th birthday.
Storm chaser Bill Stromberg getting pretty excited after the video night of the convention late on February 19. After the convention, many hit the hotel bar, and talk about the past chase season's war stories.
Here is Justin Roberts (left) and Will Watkins from California (right) at the hotel bar after the video night of the convention on February 19.
Here is myself (Center) with Tim Samaras's chase partner Carl Young (left) and Tony Laubach (right).
On the morning of February 20, Doug Kiesling (left) just cannot start a morning without his coffee as MD Bill Hark (right) enjoys his diet Coke.
Here is Tim Samaras's chase vehicle parked next to Reed Timmer's "Dominator" chase vehicle in the Red Lion Hotel parking lot on February 20.
One of many other chase vehicles in the Red Lion Hotel parking lot on February 20. This one is with the local Channel 9 news, and is called the "Tornado Supression Squad". I think we'll run out of fancy names sooner or later!

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