This section includes storm chasing related picnics, parties, conventions, or other similar events that have taken place in the year of 2007.

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Here is a picture of the top of the American Red Cross vehicle (a highly modified Ford Excursion SUV). Just about any type of antenna imaginable was mounted on the roof of this "disaster response" vehicle!
Here is another view of the American Red Cross "disaster response" vehicle located at the entrance to the Dayton Hamfest (at the Hara Arena).
If you LOVE electronics, the Dayton Hamfest is for you! This is the rear "seating" area of the American Red Cross "disaster response" vehicle. Well, there is no "rear seating area", but instead this "wall of electronics" ranging from CB / HAM radio, fire and police frequencies, even the ability to feed video via satellite and / or microwave dish. Note the display for the Davis weather station to the upper left (yup, there's a weather station on the roof too)!
There were many "hands on" demos (by commercial vendors from all over the world) available to everyone at the Dayton Hamfest in 2007. In this picture, one of the high-end Icom HF receivers is on display by Icom for anyone to "test drive".
This is a view of one of the convention "rooms" off from the side of the actual arena during the Hamfest 2007 convention. People from all over the world, HAM radio operators or not, come here to mingle and check out what is to be offered. I found some amazing "deals" on equipment, and wound up picking up two antennas I needed and paying for both less that what EACH one would have costed had I bought them elsewhere! Yes, this is also a HAM "flea market" as well.
Some interesting technology also was on display as well. In this picture, a prototype hydrogen (fuel-cell) powered car is on display by the University of North Dakota. These cars use hydrogen, readily available from water, as fuel to generate electricity and drive the car via an electric motor. The exhaust is also just water, so like it's color, it is a "green" (non polluting) machine.
Here is a view of the main arena area full to the limits with commercial vendors (such as "Kenwood" to name a few).
The "Robot Girls" entertain the crown at the Hara Arena during the 2007 Dayton Hamfest ... Hey, gotta throw a bit of "geekiness" into the event!
Many vendors there had demonstrations on their products. In this case, there were many vendors selling new and interesting types pf tools. The demonstrator here just drilled through a chunk of vanadium-steel with a "seemingly normal" drill bit. But this particular tool seemed indestructible even though it was red-hot - One of many, many products on demonstration and for sale at this yearly event.
On the outside of the Hara Arena, the entire parking lot becomes the largest HAM radio oriented / electronics surplus flea market on earth.
If you cannot find it at the Dayton Hamfest - You won't find it anywhere else! In this picture, you might wonder "what the heck are all those parts?" ... "Looks like something from Star Trek"! This is just one of the private vendor tables at the Dayton Hamfest outdoor "flea market". Trust me, many people come here to find "parts" they need that they simply cannot find anywhere else. Don't ever call this stuff "junk" ;-)
Here is another picture of many people and the private vendors at the "flea market" section of the Dayton Hamfest. For me, it took about 6 hours to go through all the booths!
There were also many (more serious) forums at the Dayton Hamfest. This one here is for the ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League). Many speakers from all over the world, including Asia, gave great presentations about products and / or organizations. Everyone at Hamfest 2007 in Dayton, Ohio did a fantastic job!

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