This section includes storm chasing related picnics, parties, conventions, or other similar events that have taken place in the year of 2005.

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WPB Channel 5 Interview (Jan 2005) For "September's Fury" 2004 (REALMEDIA)
NSCC Music Presentation For 2005 (Chases Until 2004)


The picture above is a panoramic composite of several digital pictures of the 7th annual storm chaser convention in Denver, Colorado which ran from February 18 through the 20th of 2005. About 200 storm chasers attended this event to exchange ideas and information prior to the 2005 chase season, with at least 100 seated at any given time.


Here is a picture of the "ice-breaker" party during the evening of February 18, 2005 at the Holiday Inn (DIA). This is where most chasers and non-chasers got to introduce themselves, eat, drink, and socialize.
Here is a picture of the convention in full-swing during the day of February 19. About 200 chasers registered for this event.
This is a picture of Tim Vasquez selling his powerful software package called "Digital Atmosphere".
Here is a picture of our vendor booth at the convention. Our involvement was for sales of our now famous hurricane Charley and "September's Fury" DVD's. The two men behind the booths are Jason Foster and Tim Marshall.
Tim Samaras once again shot-down the inner workings and mystery of a tornado with his HITPR (Hardened In-situ Tornado PRobe) and new "Media Probe". The media probe has a 360 degree video field of view via 6 cameras augmented by a 7th vertical viewing camera. Placed in a tornado's path, the video, well, as you could imagine, has to be seen to be believed!
Here is another view of the bustling ventor area at the rear of the convention room.
Meanwhile, outside in the convention parking lot, the DOW (Doppler On Wheels) trucks were on display. Scientist Josh Wurman is the man with the yellow towel around his neck (second from the left).
Here is a picture of our group tallying up the winning totals for the tornado / storm chasing video contest. This was a special treat provided by the BNVN and former "Weathervine" chase group.
The grand prize of $2,000 dollars cash was proudly awarded to Scott Blair (far right) for his exceptional footage and expertise during the 2005 chase season. He was the first place winner, followed by 2nd and 3rd places.
This is a picture of the dinner banquet for the storm chaser convention. Our table is in the center foreground.
Here is a picture of myself standing above the Loveland Pass (as well as the timber line) in the Colorado Rockies at an elevation of about 12,300 feet MSL. We had plenty of time after the convention ended to check out the mountains and ski areas.

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