Video of major hurricane Maria hitting southeastern Puerto Rico from Humacao to Caguas on September 19 through the 20th, and the destructive aftermath afterwards. This was my third major hurricane interception (this was a strong category 4 to even a low-end 5 at its landfall in the SE portion of the island) in less than a month. The video shows the powerful eyewall, being brushed by the storms eye, and backside of the storm from a parking garage in Caguas, Puerto Rico plus some waves before the storm on the SE side of the Island as well as the aftermath and flooding in San Juan.

The video requires at least a DSL connection and the latest FLASH Media Plugin for best results. This video is hosted to and linked to the YOUTUBE site (you can visit them at Click on the "play" icon in the video above if it does not start automatically.

HTML File "mar17vid.htm" - Developed By Chris Collura

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