This page shows pictures taken during coastal observations of tropical storm Klaus on October 9, 1990 along the shores of Palm Beach County, Florida. The tropical storm was weakening, and well to the SE of the area but interacted with a large high-pressure area to the north to produce on-shore winds at over 45 MPH. Large waves and storm surge of 2 to 3 feet above normal were observed from Boynton Beach to Lake Worth Inlet. Pictures of the high winds and waves associated with TS Klaus are in this area for viewing.


High waves slam the north seawall at Boynton Inlet in coastal areas of Palm Beach County, Florida on October 9, 1990. Tropical storm Klaus was about 100 miles to the southeast of the area at the time. A large high pressure region to the north caused Klaus to race westward and like most fast-moving tropical systems, weaken. Tropical storm forced winds extended 300 miles to the north because of the pressure gradient between the two systems. In this picture, 45 MPH northeast winds kick up 10 to 15 foot waves and spray. Note the "waterfall" effect over the side of the sea wall.
This picture was taken on the north side of Boynton Beach Inlet on the Florida East coast on October 9, 1990. Waves up to 15 feet with 45 MPH on shore winds cover the beach as tropical storm Klaus churns a hundred miles or so to the southeast. Klaus was weakening, but had tropical storm forced winds extending nearly 300 miles to its north because of it interacting with a strong high pressure region north of the area. The storm caused coastal flooding and erosion.
Winds gusting near 50 MPH bend trees and power lines on the oceanfront just south of Lake Worth Inlet on October 9, 1990. This picture was taken as a rain band was coming ashore in the exclusive areas of West Palm Beach, Florida as tropical storm klaus was to the southeast of the area. The weak tropical storm caused high winds and waves because of a large high pressure area north of the system. Ocean waves reached over 15 feet near Lake Worth Inlet and caused coastal flooding and severe erosion. Klaus even spawned some tornadoes inland over Florida.

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