This area shows pictures taken from the interception and penetration of hurricane Floyd in the northern Florida Keys on October 11, 1987. This storm formed near Honduras and passed to the west of Cuba through the Yucatan Channel, hit Key West, then traveled parallel to the Florida Keys. This storm is not to be confused with the extreme hurricane Floyd in September 1999. Hurricane names are recycled every six years. Hurricane Floyd here had winds of about 80 MPH.


During the first half of Hurricane Floyd in the Florida Keys on October 11, 1987, I stand at an angle as the 75 MPH winds buffet a marina in Key Largo in the upper Florida Keys.
Inside the eye of hurricane Floyd in Key Largo on October 11, 1987. This picture shows a lake that is like a mirror. No wind what so ever! Floyd's disorganized but unmistakable eye was about 20 miles wide. Note the perfect reflection of the sky in the lake. Note the bright spot in the sky.
The eyewall weather of Hurricane Floyd on October 11, 1987 in Key Largo, Florida. Winds here are about 80 MPH. The edge of the eye is visible near the horizon in the background.

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