This area shows pictures taken from the interception and penetration of hurricane Erin in east central Florida along the coast on August 1, 1995 during the late night hours. The storm developed in the Bahamas and made landfall near Vero Beach on the Florida east coast. This night chase intercepted the storm core and passed through the eye of the storm where the stars were visible. Erin had 80 MPH winds with higher gusts.


During sunset in Juno Beach on August 1, 1995, the hurricane is about 75 miles to my east and northeast winds of about 40 MPH whip up large waves in the ocean. The hurricane surf here is breaking nearly a mile out and is up to 15 feet high. This caused severe beach erosion and coastal flooding.
Battering waves smash into a dock in Stuart Florida near the beach causeway. Winds here are gusting over 75 MPH with heavy rain just prior to penetrating into the eye of hurricane Erin. Tides are also several feet above normal. This is not the ocean, but a wide portion of the Indian river. This picture was taken about 12:30 AM on August 2, 1995.
Palm trees sway during the chase of hurricane Erin on August 2, 1995 near Stuart Florida at about 1:00 AM. The winds here are gusting over 60 MPH as the chase track nears the storm eyewall from the south. The eye of the storm is about 40 miles to my east.
Inside the eye of hurricane Erin near the coast in Vero Beach, Florida at about 2:00 AM on August 2, 1995. The low pressure and calm winds allow a salty fog to form as not a single breeze blows. The stars were visible as you looked skyward. The eye of Erin was about 25 miles wide.
At Vero Beach along the sand dunes at about 2:00 AM on August 2, 1995, the storm surge produces a tide about 5 feet above normal. The picture above shows the storm tide covering the entire beach with a thick foam. Winds here are dead calm because we are in the eye of Erin, if you looked up, you saw the stars. The tides are always highest in the eye and to the right of the eye at time of landfall. The "soapy" appearence of the water is because 85 MPH winds were whipping it just minutes earlier.

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