This is a video clip of an entire day from sunrise to sunset of a day in Miramar, Florida showing convective clouds. Each second compresses a space of roughly two minutes of time. The day starts out clear and cloudless, then small fair-weather cumulus begins to softly billow. Soon after, the cumulus grow higher, but are supressed by a warm-air inversion called a CAP. Note some small heaps of the cumulus clouds that quickly grow and then sink back down from the capping effect. Finally, the cap is overcome when the late-day sunshine heats the ground enough to raise instability CAPE's to produce cumulonimbus clouds. The last part of the clip shows outflow boundaries and storm "debris" and blowoff left over after the storms dissapate near sunset. The view in this video is to the south, low level winds are SW but the upper level winds are east due to an easterly "jet" stream in the tropical regions during late summer. About 3/4 through the video, watch for a large updraft base with brief but nice counter-clockwise rotation!

The video requires at least a DSL connection and the latest FLASH Media Plugin for best results. This video is hosted to and linked to the YOUTUBE site (you can visit them at Click on the "play" icon in the video above if it does not start automatically.

HTML File "cnvctvid.htm" - Developed By Chris Collura

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